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La Farandole Paris

Elephant Wooden Toy

Elephant Wooden Toy

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Introduce your child to the magnificent world of animals with our Wooden Elephant Toy.

This luxurious and handcrafted wooden toy features intricate and detailed carvings that bring the elephant to life, capturing the animal's unique beauty and grace.

Playing with this wooden elephant toy will help children develop their fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and imagination.

It is also an excellent tool for teaching children about different animals and their characteristics. The wooden elephant toy is the perfect gift for your little ones.

Give your child the gift of playtime and learning with our Wooden Elephant Toy.

  • - Our products are antibacterial and produced naturally from Beech Tree.
  • - All our paints comply with EN-71-3 Standard, are water-based, odorless, consist of ingredients that are harmless to our children's health and have ISO certificates.
  • - Our toys have smooth surfaces and all sanding processes are done by hand.
  • - Our products have chamfered corners and no sharp edges.
  • - Since our wooden toys are handmade, they may differ slightly from the visual (wood pattern differences, tree knot marks, etc.).
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