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La Farandole Paris

Imperial Wooden Bassinet

Imperial Wooden Bassinet

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Experience Tranquil Sleep for Your Little One! šŸŒŸ

- Easy Assembly: šŸ› ļø Quick setup for effortless bedtime routines.
- Natural Wood Beauty: šŸŒ³ Crafted with eco-friendly materials for a serene nursery ambiance.
- Gentle Swinging: šŸŒ™ Provide a soothing, rocking cradle for your baby.
- Stopping Feature: šŸ”’ Easily switch between swinging and a stable cradle.
- Premium Sleeping Set: šŸ›Œ Includes a complete set for your baby's peaceful slumber.
- Classic Wood color adds timeless elegance to your nursery.
- Smooth Wheels: šŸš— Effortlessly move it to find the perfect spot.
- Generous Size: šŸŒˆ Spacious 100x63x160 cm dimensions for ultimate comfort.
- Sturdy & Reliable: šŸ’Ŗ Built to last with a solid 17 kg weight.


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