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La Farandole Paris

Navy Blue Velvet Slippers with Fur

Navy Blue Velvet Slippers with Fur

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Introducing our Navy Blue Velvet Slippers with Fur for Kids—a perfect blend of sophistication and comfort designed for your little one's cozy moments. These plush slippers, crafted from soft and luxurious velvet, add an elegant touch to your child's loungewear.

The deep navy blue hue brings a sense of calm and style to the slippers, making them a versatile choice for various occasions. The interior is lined with plush fur, ensuring an extra layer of softness and warmth, creating a comforting haven for your child's feet.

Elevate your child's lounging experience with our Navy Blue Velvet Slippers with Fur—because even at home, fashion and comfort should come together seamlessly. Let your little one enjoy every moment in these adorable velvet slippers designed to prioritize both style and coziness.
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